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GDI+ is a native C++ DLL that was originally created for the Microsoft Office suite. It has graphical capabilities that were far in advance of the original Windows graphics system, GDI. For .Net, and particularly Windows Forms, GDI+ was given a managed wrapper that enabled it to be used with C# and VB.Net. For many years GDI+ has provided a sterling service, enabling Windows Forms applications to show really great graphics. Unfortunately, the adoption of GDI+ never really sparked the imaginations of the graphics card manufacturers and therefore hardware acelleration was only provided by a few graphics cards from the Matrox corporation. Because GDI+ never took off as a serious games graphics engine, the manufacurers preferred to concentrate on the capabilities of DirectX.

This list of articles that began on another site in 2001 contains many real world examples of how to get the best from GDI+. Enjoy!

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